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Beaver Tree Service is in the business of satisfying customers. The following notes and letters received from our customers are extremely valuable to us. They let us know if their needs are being met and what we can do to improve our service to them. If you are a prospective client, checking out BTS for the first time, I hope these testimonials will help you gain trust in us as a company that can meet your needs.



Dear Mr. Jepson,

What a classy operation! The crew was very professional and friendly. We had fun watching and listening to them and talking with them. They did an excellent job and we will highly recommend your business to anyone who asks. You must treat them very well—they worked like slaves, never slacking for a minute. They were quick to offer help to each other and each of them gave the credit for a job well done to the other guys. Going to work every day would be fun if we had teams like that to work with!

—Thank you, Mary Lou



I just wanted to thank you for a job well done at my property. Not knowing what to expect, I went up the weekend after your job expecting a large mess to clean up. If anything else, I was expecting to have to haul and stack the very large logs that were left behind. To my surprise, all the logs were neatly stacked at the base of the tree that was cut down. Without having that project to work on, I spent the majority of that weekend chasing ducks and grouse.

—Dustin H., Elk River, MN


Dear Jeff,

First, thanks so much for doing a great job on our trees without messing up our neighbor's yard. You and your team do good work. And I didn't know you were published! So I've got to have a copy of your book, although fear not, you won't be losing any business as a result thereof. As they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Best regards,

—Kent M., Sarasota, FL



Thanks for a great job completed as promised, at the price promised and in the time frame promised! And I would be happy to recommend you if you need referrals. I am very pleased,

—Rudy, Bloomington, MN



Your two men that took our tree down were most polite, friendly in a genuine fashion, and a couple characters! You—and they—are to be complimented. Please thank them again for us!

—Don F., Indianola, Iowa



The guys did a superb job! We really appreciated how careful they were around the plants and in avoiding any damage to the surroundings. We would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you!

—Willie, Longville, MN


Mr. Jepson,

As usual, we are impressed with the capabilities of yourself and your crew. We appreciate the excellent service and courtesy. Looks as if this will have to be a repeat performance next year or next after. Thanks again.

—Charles T.


Dear Beaver Tree Service,

I just wanted to commend you on your employees! The two young men you sent to do the work for us were fantastic! They did a wonderful job of trimming the trees and cleaning up. They were very efficient and professional. We had the opportunity to watch them and chat a bit during their break. It was their attitude towards their job, each other and you (as a friend and employer) that made such an impression. Through their words, actions, and attitudes, they expressed respect and admiration for you, respect for themselves, the job they do, and each other. We enjoyed the time spent with them and were very impressed. I'm afraid I have forgotten their names (I am an aging blonde, there's no hope), but you are lucky to have them. God bless,




My neighbor Mr. Haire, who has a critical and discerning woodsman's eye, says you did just an excellent job in cutting and removing the storm damaged fallen trees. Thank you for that and such prompt service,



Thanks for the great job done on taking trees out and all the stumps. We appreciate things getting done right and on time. Thanks again,

—Gary A.


Dear Jeff,

We didn't even realize you guys had been here until we saw the pile of cut up wood—everything was cleaned up great. Thanks so much!

—The Voigtschild's


Dear Mr. Jepson,

Our class is thankful to you for displaying your amazing skill at climbing trees. We are also happy because you are helping our environment. You are very courageous to climb those very, very high trees. You have inspired us. An arborist might be one of our job opportunities.

—Sincerely, Sherry, 5th grade student.

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