From hazardous removals and stump grinding to preventative maintenance, we do it all!


  • Inspection & Consultation

    The first thing Beaver Tree Service does is listen. We will take into account all of our client's concerns and intentions, design a strategy to achieve those goals, and propose a plan, schedule, and budget for the project.


  • Tree Removal

    We specialize in hazardous and difficult tree removals. Our knowledge of rigging strategies and removal techniques ensures that we can remove any tree safely. We also specialize in climbing as a means for removal, which enables us to access virtually any tree on your property and eliminate the lawn damage that is typically incurred from heavy bucket trucks.

    If you haven't looked at your trees lately, your home or property may be threatened by a potentially dangerous tree. Don't wait until it's too late; contact us to perform a tree risk assessment as soon as possible.

  • Tree Pruning

    Proper pruning, used as a regular maintenance program, is perhaps the best treatment you can provide your trees to keep them safe, healthy, and looking their best. Other reasons for pruning may be to simply expose a view obscured by excessive deadwood, or sucker growth in the tree. This "vista-pruning" is extremely popular with our lakeshore clients who want to create a better view of the lake (or river, field, etc.), but without removing the tree itself. Regardless of the type of pruning performed, our approach to pruning is guided by our thorough knowledge of tree biology and our use of proper techniques. As an example, our climbers do not use leg spikes, but instead utilize other state-of-the art climbing tools and techniques that cause no damage to the tree as they work and move through the canopy.

  • Lot Clearing

    Lot clearing is the selective removal of trees to create the space needed for new construction or remodeling. We incorporate tree removal methods that are site sensitive in order to minimize ground disturbance and protect the remaining trees you wish to protect and preserve.

  • Cabling & Bracing

    Trees growing with multiple stems or having weak limb attachment to the trunk may be candidates for cabling and bracing. Through the proper installation of cables in the canopy, and in some cases bolts (bracing) through the trunk, we can minimize the risk of tree failure and increase the serviceable life of the tree.

  • Storm Damage Cleanup

    Removing or salvaging storm-damaged trees is a difficult and dangerous task. Beaver Tree Service is highly qualified and insured to take on the most formidable situations. In the twenty-five years we have been doing tree work, we have seen the full range of storm-damage scenarios and have mastered the methods to remove these trees safely. We take great care to minimize further damage to property or other trees and restore property to a clean and safe setting.

  • Tree Preservation During Construction

    Protecting trees from construction damage is always a challenge. No two sites or situations are the same, and each poses new questions. What trees are worth saving? How much damage can a particular tree sustain? How can construction activities be coordinated to prevent damage? Beaver Tree Service offers the professional expertise necessary to handle such questions. Working together with the property owner and the building contractor, we develop plans for tree protection that are practical, cost effective, and successful.

  • Stump Grinding

    Grinding out stumps is the finishing touch to tree removal. BTS removes stumps of any size from any location with minimal lawn damage. We also arrange for replacement trees so you can replenish those that have been removed.

  • Wood Chipping, Disposal & Cleanup

    BTS offers complete or partial tree disposal services. A typical job involves chipping limbs and any unwanted wood and cutting the trunk into useable lengths. The result is a nice pile of firewood for the woodstove or campfire and wood chips for landscaping or gardening. Customers keep the wood they want and we dispose of the rest. BTS believes that thorough cleanup is crucial to retaining highly satisfied customers. Therefore, we don't leave the job site until our cleanup efforts meet our customer's approval.

  • Firewood & Wood Chips

    Due to many of our client's preference for removal of trees, BTS typically has a good supply of hardwood firewood and wood chips. Please call for availability and delivery.

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